Street Racing
  • Codice

  • GYA8858
  • Descrizione

  • 3/4 KIT D.60: Collettore 2in1 in TITANIO + silenziatore GRID-O
  • Modelli compatibili

  • Yamaha YZF R1 (15-23)

Materiali disponibili

  • titanio
    GYA8858T ( non omologato )

Compatible with passenger footpegs

Spark R&D has been working for a long time to ensure maximum performance to the owners of the Japanese Supersport and offer complete and competitive product range: slip-on, half system or full system. Different materials and silencers are available so as to meet the different aesthetic requirements and more or less restrictive dB limits. In fact, sound limits have been introduced on Italian and European circuits, both for races and free practice days. The maximum dB level allowed varies according to the championship and the bikes' cylinder capacity. Spark developed different products to ensure the best performance and respect such dB limits, without db killer.

The half-system consists of a 3/4 kit: the 2in1 Y-pipe with connecting tube and silencer has been sized to obtain the best performance by keeping the original collector. The connecting tubes are available both in AISI 304 stainless steel and in titanium. As to silencer, different solutions are possible so as to respond to different sound and aesthetic needs: Force silencer for 102 dB limit (GYA8828GYA8829), or MotoGp silencer, for those riders looking for an absolutely racing and extreme product, without any dB limit.

The full system is the state-of-the-art product developed together with teams racing important championships all over the world. Besides the study of the collectors' best sizing for performance optimization, the technologies and the structural details of such product ensure top reliability.  In fact, many teams have chosen Spark to face the Endurance World Championship. From the aesthetic point of view the segmented connecting tube is striking, with visible weldings enhancing the racing soul of the product. Weldings, segments and cones that are not merely a formal exercise but necessary solutions: after repeated bench tests such specific cones - out of the production standards - have been chosen as they allow the best torque. So, the top level product developed with Teams in World Championships is available on catalog, both with stainless steel and full titanium collectors. Here again different silencers have been combined according to the different dB level required: Force silencer lenght 350mm (GYA8831T and GYA8832T) for 102 dB for French and World Endurance Championships; Konix silencer lenght 300mm (GYA8847T) to be within 107 dB as required by European Stock1000; MotoGp silencer (GYA8850T) ... no dB limits. It is possible to add the dB killer to every silencer to reduce decibels further.

Some of the teams and riders having chosen Spark and contributed to the development of the products available on catalog:

EWC Team 3ART Moto Team 95 Campioni Categoria Stock Mondiale Endurance 2017

EWC Team AVIO Bike - Giovanni Baggi

STOCK1000 - Motoxracing - Florian Marino 

WSBK - Team GUANDALINI - Kuba Smrz, Alessandro Andreozzi, Jezek 

CIV Alessandro Andreozzi


Superbike Italia Novembre 2016 - pag.28 

"Are you tired of the affecting roar of the irregular combustion engine castrated by OEM exhaust? Or may you want to give more power injection to your SBK Replica from Iwata? Either way, Spark has a very interesting solution to both issues: new exhaust system designed by R&D department of the Italian company and refined during competitions, such as Superstock 1000 FIM Cup, Endurance World Championship and R1 Cup. The result consists of Force slip-on silencer to be combined with the half-system manifold to eliminate catalyst - in stainless steel or titanium - or with the complete collector. A compact and aggressive MotoGP silencer is also available. Less weight, more power, thrilling sound, and amazing look: you'll make your R1 and yourself happy at one time."

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