FIGHTER Silencer


Design, Lightness, Reliability for the Euro4 homologated version

The company from Mantova created a project group in cooperation with Polytechnic University of Milan and Stefano Sacchini's Adventure School to define the concept design for Bmw R1200 GS and offer an aggressive and elegant product, lightweight, reliable, and at the same time with specific features and volumes compliant to Euro4 Regulations. 

From design to 3D simulations, from prototypes to molds for production, every production step has taken place within the company. 

Thanks to R&D’s passion, commitment and all the technology dedicated to the project, targets have been met: performance is optimized at medium rpm (+ 2,5 hp at 4.500 rpm), extreme lightness (only 1,9 kg overall), Euro4 homologation released by Italian Ministry of Transport.

In addition to the homologated slip-on, Aisi 304 stainless steel racing collector is also available. It can be mounted together with original silencer or Fighter silencer, so as to build a special full system (+5)

SPARK by VECCHI s.r.l.

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