Z 800 E (13-16)

Street Racing
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  • GKA8501
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  • Complete COLLECTOR in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Weight (kg)

  • SPARK 2,3 kg vs STOCK -

Available materials

  • inox aisi 304
    GKA8501 ( not approved )

For the naked bike from Japan R&D technicians developed a modular system to satisfy the most demanding requests both in terms of performance, design, sound and homologation for safe use on the road...

Spark offers in fact two different configurations of silencers (slip-on) to be mounted on the original collector (with original catalyst) or together with Spark collector GKA8501 with bigger diameter, so as to have a top performance full system.

FORCE design (GKA0405) is sharp and aggressive, with deep sound with db killer but in complete compliance with Regulations. The db killer is easily removable so that it is possible to rev up the engine at full volume. Force silencer is available in titanium or carbon fiber.

MotoGP silencer (GKA0406) is racing and compact like those ones on the World Championships racetracks. SPARK logo is engraved by laser on both titanium and dark style versions. Even if db killer can be mounted if needed, sound is absolutely extreme.

Spark Collector (GKA8502) can be combined at any time so as to build a modular system. It has been designed as 4in2in1 with specific diameters diameters for the best results also in terms of performance. Spark system allows to improve the performance of the original bike of more than 10% without any modification to ECU, filter or any further component.

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